Lotus Eye Care Hospital


Epilasik surgery overcomes the limitations and risks of lasik. It is in our hospital from the year 2004. Lotus was the first Eye Hospital in South Asia to bring this technology to India. It is the most innovative technique wherein hitherto impossible corneal epithelial flap is made possible. We at Lotus up to August 2007 have completed 2000 Epilasik procedures successfully.

Who can undergo Epilasik?

  • Any one above the age of 18 years and power stable for 1 year.
  • The eye should be normal otherwise.
  • The patients wearing contact lens should remove the contact lens before coming for check up.
  • Soft lens 1 week
  • Semi soft 2 weeks
  • Hard lens 4 weeks

Limitations of Lasik

  • Patients with thin Corneas
  • Patients with normal corneal thickness and high powers
  • Patient with steep and flat corneas
  • Flap induced aberrations may interfere with supervision outcomes.
  • Bio-mechanics of the Cornea is weakened by way of stromal flap cutting.

Epilasik Lasik
Suitable for thin corneas Not suitable for thin corneas
Power correction upto -20 D Power correction upto -12 D
The effect of wave front correction is maximized by the thin epithelial flap The effect of wave front correction is reduced by induced aberration of stromal flap
No risky flap complications Though rare, risky flap complications may occur
Biomechanics of cornea not weakened Biomechanics of cornea weakened