Lotus Eye Hospital and Institute


I Mrs. Razeena Mayankutty, undergone IntraLase- both eyes in Lotus Eye Hospital and Institute. I am very happy in the surgery provided to me. I would definitely recommend IntraLase to my friends and relatives.
- Razeena Mayankutty, Malapuram, Kerala

I did IntraLase for my both eyes in Lotus Eye Hospital and Institute, I am very happy with the surgery and I will recommend IntraLase to my known circle.
- Sri Vidya Sekar, Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu

I am wearing the power glass from 2002 and I find it very difficult. My friend who did the Lasik surgery in Lotus recommended me, now I am happy and free from glasses. I will recommend Lotus Eye Hospital and Institute to my friends and family also.
- Mr.Muruganandham, Pollachi, Tamilnadu

Our experience at Lotus Eye Hospital and Institute has been excellent. We were treated with the utmost in professionalism and courtesy. The surgery was painless and felt I was in the best place for this treatment. I am extremely pleased with the results. The expect surgeon Dr.S.K.Sundaramurthy has given all the information and the hospital is having modern facilities to treat all types of treatment for the eye care.
- Mr & Mrs.David Caria Hicenbottom, Seattle, WA 98155, USA

The entire Lasik procedure including preliminary tests and post-procedure checkups was handled extremely well and by experienced professionals. I express my appreciation to Lotus for the hospitality and professionalism.
- Mr.Togi Thomas Koshy, Dubai, UAE

I have come for Epi-zyoptix treatment in Lotus Eye Hospital and Institute, the treatment went well. Now I am feeling good. I have got a very good care from the hospital. Everything was fine. There are no issues about the treatment and doctors.
- Ms. Shyamala, Coimbatore

I herby would like to write my experience with the IntraLase surgery done in Lotus Eye Hospital and Institute. The experience had been very much satisfied and pleasant. My vision is perfectly fine. Thanks to the doctors and others staffs for their care.
- Ms.Shetal S.Menon, BDS Student, Coimbatore

Lotus Eye Hospital and Institute would turnout to be the best among the eye care hospitals in India. I was overwhelmed by the hospitality being provided. The surgery was painless and I am very much comfortable after the surgery.
- Mr.Sunil Kumar, Cine actor, Trichur

I came to know about LOTUS and LASIK through internet. Now I have an excellent vision- I am fully satisfied and I regained super-vision with Lasik. It is also very economical, compared to American hospitals. I will definitely recommend Lasik to my friends. LOTUS is comparable to any American hospital in technology and facilities.
- Dr.Deepak Mohan, MD., Pathologist, Newyork - USA

I underwent Lasik at Lotus Eye Hospital and Institute. It is a painless treatment and now my vison is very clear. Lotus has all advanced equipments and experienced doctors. I wish Lotus all the very best.
- Ms.Ruma Agarwal, Mangalore