Lotus Eye Care Hospital


Zyoptix is the personalized vision correction using wave front based data of an individual eye. The custom ablation through Zyoptix 100 is far superior because the data is obtained from Orbscan II Z and Zywave II Aberrometer through Zylink. These data are more precise for the particular eye which is transferred to a laser computer by a floppy. The advanced Iris recognition technology prevents treatment to wrong eye, pupil central shift of laser beam and the cyclotorsion when the patient moves from sitting to lying posture.

What are the special tests?

Patient undergoing Lasik, Epi Lasik with or without Zyoptix are advised to undergo
  • Orbscan II Z Topography
  • Zywave II Aberrometry

A. Orbscan II Z Topography

It is a multi dimensional corneal diagnostic system which provides complete corneal analysis. It measures elevation and curvature on the anterior and posterior surfaces of the cornea. An accurate assessment of size, shape and extent of surface power abnormalities are measured. The Orbscan II Z is combined with Zywave II Aberrometry as Zyoptix diagnostic work station. Zyoptix personalized correction utilizes the diagnostic information which allow surgeons to perform custom ablation through Lasik and Epi Lasik.

B. Zywave II Aberrometer

Zywave II Aberrometer measures the wave front deformation (Aberration) of the optical system of the eye.

Zyoptix Integrated Lasik

Custom Lasik ablation is specific and tailor made to each eye of an individual. Zyoptix offers glass free Super Vision better than the normal vision of the individual.

Zyoptix Integrated Epilasik

Lotus was the first eye hospital in India to offer Zyoptix Integrated Epilasik and Zyoptix Integrated Epilasik combines two superior technologies viz Zyoptix and Epilasik. It is very safe and the supervision becomes a real possibility.